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Essence is the fifth step in the routine. 

Step 5

Compare to toners, essences contain more highly concentrated active ingredients, at the same time they have a lower molecular weight compare to most serums and moisturizers. This means it's faster for essence to penetrate deeply into your skin and it makes essence the most effective step in the routine to deliver visible results. Depending on the active ingredients, essences can address different skin concerns:

Improve skin regeneration rate

Reduce appearances of fine lines

Restore skin's natural barrier

Revive dull and tired skin

Essences can come in different consistencies, from watery to thick and gel-like.

Tips: For watery essences, you can use the "layering" technique. Apply an appropriate amount onto the face, pat until fully absorbed, and repeat for 2-3 times. This technique can boost the effect of the essence.

Image by Milad B. Fakurian

in the morning


at night

Use essence after toner both morning and night to target your areas of concern.

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