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Eye Care

After applying moisturizer, look after the skin around your eyes as the next step.

Step 9

Undereye area is thinner compared to the rest of the face, this makes them more prone to dryness, puffiness and darkness. Then with facial expressions, skin around eyes can easily form wrinkles. Eye care products are designed to combat these problems.

There are two most commonly used types of eye care products: eye cream and eye patches.

PURITO Centella Green Level Eye Cream_3.

eye cream

Eye cream is for more for daily application.

eye patch.png

eye patches

Similar to sheet masks for face, eye patches can be used when you want to pamper your under eye area with serum soaked patches.

Choose eye care products carefully according to your under eye skin type! For someone with oily eye area, avoid using super rich eye products as for some people it can result in milia. Milia are small white bumps that appear under the eye area which are completely harmless. When eye cream forms a protection layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss, this could sometimes impact skin's natrual exfoliating process and could hence lead to milia. This may sound super scary, however not everybody are prone to milia and they usually go away by themsleves once the oil-moisture level is restored - and we are strictly talking about milia caused by eye products.

Tips: Apply eye cream with your ring finger in dabbing motion to avoid dragging on the sensitive eye skin.

Image by Milad B. Fakurian

in the morning

To help avoid creasing your eye makeup, try using a very light weight eye cream in the morning or simply just skip it.

at night

Apply your favourite eye product before bed!

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