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Now that you have applied your essence and serum, apply moisturizer as the next step.

White Cream

Step 8

A good moisturzer can help locking in all the benificial ingredients from previous steps while providing a further layer of hydration. Well hydrated skin has good oil-water balance and is less prone to breakouts and acne problems. Fine lines are also reduced with a fully plumped and moisturized skin.

As well as other products in the routine, the texture of moisturizers also range from thin(gel) to thick(cream). It may seem insignificant, but the choice of texture is actually very crucial.  For combination skin or oily skin, applying a really thick and rich cream could be counter productive - it could speed up the sebum production and leaving unwanted sheen. For dry skin, a gel type light-weight cream may simply not be able to provide enough moisture.

Tips: Make sure you apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer, too little product could mean very little to none effect. 

Image by Milad B. Fakurian

in the morning

To set a good base for makeup, your skin should be well hydrated. However to avoid an oily appearance, try using a light-weight moisturizer in the morning.

at night

During sleep, you have a whole night for the moisturizer to work into the layers of your skin. Choose your favourite rich/hydrating moisturizer and wake up with healthy, plumped and glowy looking skin.

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