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Toning is the fourth step in the routine.

Step 4

Toners main purpose is to prime the skin for better absorbtion of the rest of your routine. When used with a cotton pad, a toner can help remove the last traces of impurities. Depending on the main ingredients of your toner, it can also bring other benefits:

Minimise pores

Hydrate skin

Remove excess sebum

Soothe skin redness

For oily skins, we recommend using a sebum control toner to set a clean base for your skin. Whereas for dry skins, a hydrating toner would be more appropriate. For any redness and inflammation, a calming toner forms a protection layer to prevent bad reactions from strong SPF or makeup. For combination skins however, we recommend using a sebum control toner on the oily areas of your face and a hydrating toner for the rest.

Tips: Molecules get absorbed by skin more easily when skin is wet, you should apply toner onto the skin immediately after cleansing/exfoliating.

Image by Milad B. Fakurian

in the morning


at night

Use toner both morning and night for better absorption of all the active ingredients in the rest of your skincare. For some special cases where your skin type changes throughout the day, be daring and use different toners in the morning and at night to tackle them individually!

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