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How It Started

"I personally started my K-Beauty journey few years ago. Before that, like many other skincare enthusiasts, I was burying myself under all the luxurious brands of skincare, thinking that the more expensive the better. I mean, it must be, right? Then I stumbled upon a video on Youtube talking about the 10-step Korean skincare routine. That’s when I was hooked. I started going through video after video learning about Korean beauty products. I couldn’t believe while I was spending an unbelievable amount of money on these "big brands", there was this entirely different world of affordable products with much wider ranges and ingredients so natural and gentle that most products can be used on sensitive skins."

- Kira, Founder of Klear Beauty

The ChallengeS

After a while, that's when Kira realised the challenges to simply get the things people wanted, which a lot of other consumers also seem to resonate with.

People can't find one online shop with all the products they need.

Orders from the U.S. or Asia take 2-3 weeks, if not more, to arrive in Europe.

Hard to plan ahead due to variations in shops and delivery time.


Our principles

To offer a better solution to these challenges, we decided to launch a new online shop, aiming to cater for the exact needs of K-Beauty lovers here in Europe. To guide us, we follow these principles here at Klear Beauty:

Most complete product collection.

Competitive pricing.


Fast shipping across EU.

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