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Oily and acne prone skin

Oil Control. Exfoliation. Hydration.


Exccess sebum is the root cause of acne. Controlling the sebum production can effectivly reduce the chance of acne.


Dead skin cells can build up and clog the pores, when sebum has no where to go, it can result in inflamation and redness. It is essential to regularly exfoliate the skin.


Some people may think hydration for oily skin is counter-productive. However, lack of hydration will worsen the sebum production. To best hydrate oily type skin without suffocating it, the best texture is gel as it's fast absorbing and light-weight.

Daily care

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Step 1.


Use an sebum controlling oil cleanser to help balance the skin while giving skin a good deep cleanse to remove makeup, SPF and any exccess sebum.

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Step 2.


Follow the oil cleanser with a gentle water based cleanser that can clean out any water saluble impurities as part of the double cleanse regime.

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Step 3.


Use exfoliator 2-3 times per week to ensure the dead skin cells are cleaned up regularly to avoid pore blockage.

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Step 4.


A gentle exfoliating toner with BHA to keep the sebum at bay.


Step 5.


Mugwort essence, perfect to calm the skin after exfoliation. Brings the oil-water balance back to normal.

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Step 6.


Tea tree and centella asiatica leaf water to soothe and heal skin for a clearer complexion.

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Step 7.


Gel type light-weight moisturizer, making it easy to absorb without suffocating the skin.


Step 8.


Light-weight gel type sunscreen, strong SPF50+ protection and it does feel heavy upon application.

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Acne Treatment

Pimple patches

Apply pimple patches onto active acnes to prevent infection. The patches contain ingredients to help draw out impurities and prevent pimples from getting larger.

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Acne Scar fading

specifically designed to clear up acne scars.

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